Small Victories and Chocolaty Treats

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Happy Sunday my friends!  It has been a busy but inspiring weekend and I am feeling so vivacious and full of positivity! Although it has only been 3 days, my Weight Watchers journey has taken off on the best foot possible.  I feel as though it is such a testimony to how ready I am to lose this weight. As corny as it sounds, I can feel the shift of change inside of me.  No fad diets, no pills, no quick fixes just hard work and determination.

I had a small non scale victory (NSV) yesterday and although it wasn’t a huge deal I felt really empowered after the fact.  My darling call me from work around 5 pm to tell me he wanted to get Chinese food for dinner that night.  He knows my obsession with crab Rangoon and was genuinely trying to treat me, not realizing how much one dinner can throw off a whole day of hard work.  I told him I would order it for him and as I looked through the menu I could feel myself letting my guard down.  One crab Rangoon wouldn’t kill me right?  Wrong! So so wrong!  I know that one would have lead to 5, and of course I would need lo mien with it.  After that who knows, all I know is I would have felt like a failure. SO, I ordered his food and hung up quickly without a chance to add anything on.  It. felt. AMAZING!  The pride I felt in my new found willpower was unexplainable.  To others, this may seem silly, but to me and other who suffer from weight problems and extreme over eating, this is a HUGE victory.  I’m pretty happy!

Yesterday I found what may be my new favorite sweet snack EVER!  I have had a box of Trader Joe’s reduced guilt brownies up in my cabinet FOREVER, so I decided it was time to finally give them a try!  The instructions are simple, add yogurt and powder mux together and VIOLA! Pop in the oven for 25 mins and bask in the chocolaty goodness! I used vanilla greek yogurt instead of regular and I waited anxiously for the finished product to cool enough for me to try!  Ten minutes later, I took my first bite and I was HOOKED!  The box makes 12 servings so I cut it up and bagged them each separately.  A tin little 3pp each!  Try it out if you haven’t yet, you will NOT regret it!

Did this weekend bring any small or large victories to you?  Try anything new?  Share!  I find so much inspiration in every suggestion!  Back to Sunday Funday for this lady!

I took the plunge!

After using the Lose It! app for a few days and a lot of thought, I decided to go back to what works for me, so today I signed up for Weight Watchers!  I was hesitant because my family lives on a pretty strict budget and I wanted to try to utilize the free apps and resources available to me.  I liked it, but I know what i need and I know what works and so I INVESTED into myself and bought a membership today!  I could not be happier!  I think that I have already dropped a few pounds this week (Due to weigh in tomorrow) however I think that I will wait until next Friday, so that I can make Fridays my OFFICIAL weigh in day!

Also!  I have recently made myself a weight loss journey instagram account!  Follow me at @wwmama !  All help and support in appreciated and reciprocated 100%!  I will make another post later this afternoon, I just wanted to do a quick update!! It’s Friday and I’m feeling better than ever !

Making myself a priority


Committing to this journey has meant much more to me than just sprucing up my diet and becoming more active.  The start of my self transformation has brought me to thinking about how much I actually invest in myself.  I have been a mother since I was 19, a fiance since 22, and even today at 26 I find myself worrying about virtually everything in my world, besides me.

My children are well taken care of, smothered with love and affection 24/7 and they want for nothing.  My love always has what he needs, is appreciated and treated like the king that he is.  In the crazy shuffle of the world, I have kind of lost my sense of self, and with that goes the notion that I am worth so much more than I give myself.  I have known that I needed to conquer these issues before I can expect to conquer this weight loss effectively.  So here I am, open and honestly making a commitment to ME.  A commitment to my health, to my happiness and to my future.  The first part of my transformation is embedding in my brain that I am worth as much as I put into everything else.

I have decided that I need to make some goals for myself, some things to work towards, and also some promises.  I feel so empowered and excited with the thought of actually getting to know and appreciate who I am.  Not as a mother or mother, not as a daughter or friend, not as an employee but as a whole person.  They say happiness comes from within, and it is time for me to draw it out!


  1. Finding out how far I can push myself in means of excercise.  I have never given myself the opportunity to shine, now is the time to lose the laziness and let my potential shine through.
  2. Taking time out to enjoy the hobbies that I love.  I have been wanting to teach myself to sew, I have a million DIY projects on my list of things to do, and so many healthy recipes I want to dive into.  No more excuses!
  3. Spending time on my outer appearance.  Although I know it’s not most important in the world, who doesn’t feel better with their hair and makeup done?  A fresh eyebrow wax can brighten up anyones day.  I have let these things fall to the wayside because I am “too busy” or have the kids, but I’m tired of the frumpy lady look I have somehow coined myself with.  I want to shine!
  4. Stick with my weight loss plans.  Enjoy every minute of getting healthy.  Celebrate little victories, scale related or not.  Reward myself with “non-food” prizes for major milestones! This is a lifestyle change, so to maintain I need to live and love it to the fullest!

That’s the beginning of my goal list, and I intend to stick to it!  I also mentioned rewarding myself with “non-food” prizes for major victories, which I’m really excited to start.  Breaking the cycle of rewarding myself with food is really important to me.  Got a raise? Let’s go out to dinner! Had a bad day?  Let’s get some ice cream! No more!  Those days are gone! Time to think a little harder about what I want and what I deserve!

Victory Treats

  • Reaching 5% weight loss (17.5 lbs) – New running shoes!
  • Reaching 10% (35 lbs)- Spa day all by myself!  Massage, nails, facial, the works!
  • Reaching 50lbs lost- A professional camera! 😉

I still have to think a little harder about what I want when I get to the higher numbers.  I would like it to be something meaningful and memorable!  Something that really solidifies how hard I’ve worked!!!

Do you have any goals your working towards to better yourself?  How about rewards pending for yourself as you hit important milestones?  Feel free to share! I find inspiration in you as well!!


Sunday Funday

Is the weekend REALLY almost over? Ugh!  Onto another crazy week!  To prepare for the upcoming chaos I went grocery shopping this morning, and have been planning for my food prep all day!  I’ll have a detailed description and pics in an upcoming post! One thing I focused on as well was convenient on the go eating options.  One of my biggest struggles is mixing my busy schedule in with my healthy eating.  When you are running from cheerleading practice, to girl scouts, to football games all while fitting in a 40 hour work week, the convenience of a taco from Taco Bell often outweighs the desperate voice in your head yelling “Don’t do it”.  I know I’m not alone on this!  We as mothers (& fathers!) run ourselves ragged for our families, while often times neglecting our own needs.  So! I decided that having some convenient snacking options on hand was a must!  Here’s a taste of what I mean:

20141005_180641 20141005_180853 20141005_180619 20141005_180537

Please ignore the terrible picture quality!  My quality camera will be in use soon! Promise!

  • I am a HUGE oatmeal fan!  Special K Nourish is awesome, and I love the easy to-go-cups it’s packaged in! I find oat meal to be one of the most filling things for me to eat in the morning, and between getting two kids off to school and myself to work by 9:00, there is nothing better than something I can prepare in less than 90 seconds!
  • Fun fact about me: I am recently OBSESSED with my Blender Bottle!  Who doesn’t love a good smoothie?  I love to throw some almond milk, PB2, Strawberries and ice into the blender and whip myself up a delish PB&J smoothie!  Don’t knock it till you try it folks!
  • Have you tried the White chocolate macadamia nut Luna bar yet? If not then you are missing out on a life of sweet white chocolaty bliss!  These bars can quench my hunger for a candy bar anytime! Also love the lemon zest and chocolate peppermint flavors as well.
  • Finally, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, besides friends and family, I cannot think of much I love in this world more than guacamole.  I kid you not, I could eat it all by itself  (with a spoon or finger, I don’t discriminate).  The Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie cups paired with some pita chips or salt less pretzels is my definition of heaven on earth.

Notice the box of guacamole already opened? It’s a sickness I swear!  Try it if you haven’t yet, and remember I’m always up for suggestions!  Comment your favorite on the go snacks!

Now I’m off to snuggle with my babies and enjoy what is left of this Sunday night with some weekly onbv sdv      !  Have you watched “How to get away with murder”?  This show is UNREAL!

Bets of luck to everyone in the upcoming week!  Always remember that you are worth it!


The Dreaded Befores

You know when you see a picture of yourself on Facebook, that a friend tagged you in and looks like maybe someone had hit you a couple of times with a shovel then changed your shirt to be 2 times to small?  You’re so sure you looked so glamorous walking out of the house, and not so similar to a popped open can of Pillsbury biscuits?  I feel like that a lot lately.  So again, I am dramatic.  However, I’m sure that many people can relate to the cringe worthy and completely eye-opening moment when you look at a picture you didn’t get to select yourself, and realize “Wow wait…that’s what I look like?”

It’s horrible.  I have never been a HUGE fan of pictures of myself, but I’ve also been chubby for the better part of my 26 years.  This is something that I know I have to work on, my self-esteem and my confidence. I also know that it won’t come with the weight loss, that’s an issue I have struggled with internally my whole life.

Any who, all of that ranting is raving is leading up to THIS.  My before picture! I present to you a picture of who I never want to be again.

Raising A Reader Night (11-14-2013) 001Here’s to all the future “After” pictures! Grocery shopping this weekend and meal planning! I’ll be sure to keep the blog updated!!


I may be drowning.

Ok well that’s dramatic, however I feel like I have drunk enough water in the past couple hours to fill an in ground swimming pool. I have pee’d literally 25 times since I woke up this morning.

BUT! I feel AWESOME!  I have felt fuller all day, and weirdly have been able to avert cravings way more easily.  Also a plus, my foot has not swollen half as much as it usually does, due to an injury that I obtained about a month ago.

I did sneak my morning iced coffee in, although I did sub whole milk for skim milk which was not a life threatening thing.  I survived folks!

Before this post comes to an end, let me take you COMPLETELY off topic… today was school picture day and my kids are the cutest.


See, did I lie? 😉

What I already knew

weighThis picture is a REAL eye opener.

I have known for a while that I needed to lose weight.  Not just a few pounds, but a significant amount of weight.  I would like to blame it on child-bearing, or injuries but the truth is, while I spend my time focused on everyone else I have let myself slip away.

I have become this person that I don’t even recognize anymore and it is devastating to me.  I have always struggled with weight and positive body image, but lately it’s as if I am just in this dark hole.  I hate the way I look, I hate the way everything fits, I hate that I get winded carrying my 1-year-old up the stairs to his crib.  It’s not the life for me anymore, it’s not much of a life at all!  I have a wonderful man and two beautiful babies to live for, and I am determined to reach my full potential for them!

There are no more could haves, should haves or would haves!  Starting now there is only I can and I will!  I didn’t plan on using this blog for a weight loss diary of sorts, I just planned on it being a way to record my life.  I think that it still will be, but for me this is what I need to do for ME right now.  I know that I can do it, and I know that I will do it! No more excuses, no more “I’ll start tomorrow”.  Carpe diem as they say!  I have too much to live for, too much to strive for, and too much potential to throw it all away!  Woah, feels good putting all that down in writing.


Kari’s 6th Birthday!

babybHow is it possible that little baby above is now 6 years old?  A vibrant, beautiful, smart, funny, and energetic 6-year-old ball of love and affection.  I look at pictures like this and I can almost still smell that new baby fragrance that radiated off of her during that car ride home.

cheerShe is no longer itty bitty or baby fresh, but she is still my baby girl.  She is the answer to every prayer I have ever knelt down and prayed.  See, K and I have a bond that goes beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life.  She showed up at a time in my life where I was really struggling.  I was had no direction, no ambition, no plan for my future.  I was in a horrible relationship with a person who made me feel less than worthless every single day.  I still cannot tell you why I stayed with him, he broke down my self-esteem so effortlessly, and although I convinced myself he loved me then I am sure he never did.  Hurting someone constantly and with no remorse is not love.  I am not sure if I ever truly loved him either, but I could never bring myself to leave.  Not until I looked at that ultrasound and saw my child’s heartbeat.  At that moment, I changed.

Nothing like finding out that you’re going to be a mother to whoop your butt into gear.  She will never know how much she has done for me, but in all honesty, she saved me.  So Happy Birthday my beautiful pumpkin girl!  Here’s to another year of chasing your dreams and being the shiniest star in my universe!!!